Real Couple Interview - Lauren & Nina


Lauren and Nina came to Fitz & Friends’ head tailor Katie with a brief to create bespoke wedding outfits that are neither white wedding dresses nor masculine suits, and would make them feel comfortable and confident on the day of their wedding. Their bespoke pieces are currently in process at the studio so we took the chance to catch up with them about their wedding and how their outfits are coming along.

How long have you been together?

9 years 

Who proposed to who?

We’d been discussing it for a while, but Lauren proposed when we were on holiday in New York.

Where and when are you going to get married?

We’re getting married in August in our garden. We live on a farm so we have a lot of space. 

What made you choose Fitz & Friends for your wedding outfit?

Neither of us wanted a white dress or anything too traditional and having trawled the internet there really isn’t much available as an alternative. Katie makes beautiful clothing and she really understood what we wanted. 

What was most important to you in choosing your outfit?

Lauren : I wanted something that i’d feel confident and relaxed in. I also felt it was important to have an outfit that would be comfortable for an outdoor event where the weather can be changeable. 

Nina: It was important for me to have something beautiful that I could keep and would be unique to me.

How is your outfit coming along?

Lauren: It is looking fantastic. We had an initial fitting which went really well and it felt great to have clothing that is tailored to fit me. Katie has kept me updated with photos at each stage. 

Nina: I’m so pleased with how it’s looking. I’ve met with Katie twice now. First for measurements and discussing the look that I want, then again to have the first fitting and to look at fabrics. I’ve had photos sent to me as Katie works on the outfit and i’m really happy.

Kate is making your partner’s outfit. Do you know anything about it? How are you co-ordinating?

Lauren: Based on some early discussions I have an idea of what Nina’s outfit might be like, but mainly we’ve trusted Katie’s taste and advice on colour co-ordinating. I really like that we get to have outfits that reflect us individually - we didn’t want to be too matching or to have a typical suit and dress situation. 

Nina: Lauren and I have discussed a little bit what each of us would like but we haven’t seen each other in fittings. Katie has been sending us updates separately so that we can keep it a surprise on the day.

What are you particularly looking forward to on your wedding day?

Lauren: Definitely having family and friends all together in one place celebrating with us. 

Nina: I’m looking forward to the whole thing! Mainly having a wonderful time together with our family and friends. 

Many thanks to Lauren and Nina for chatting to us about how their wedding outfits are coming along, cant wait to see you both together in your Fitz & Friends bespoke in August!